In today’s market of cut throat competition, eroded margins, customer dominancy and the dawn of new technologies, telecom companies need to develop winning and informed strategies to compete and survive in the increasingly challenging and complex telecom environment.

The Telecommunication Industry is facing some of these business events:

Value Proposition: Trend Implementation Specialist

The ever-changing and evolving technology standards within the telecommunication industry requires business environments to adapt to these rapid changes. The necessity to stay abreast of the technological changes has resulted in an increase in the customer churn ratio. This industry is also experiencing a high proliferation of Smartphones, BlackBerrys, IPhones, and Androids. So, in order to meet the changing demands of the end user for new technology, the businesses need to change their infrastructures to adapt new technology.

Our Trend Implementation Specialist can help businesses rise to these challenges by making the systems environment more flexible and extensible so that it does not present any technical or economic barriers to change. The services need to be executed quickly in order to maximize the revenue and the implementation requires minimal manual involvement to minimize the operational expense.


Value Proposition: Efficiency Management Specialist

The telecommunication industry is also facing a high demand of various services by the same businesses. This results in a high volume transfer of data on a limited bandwidth, increasing operating costs and difficulty in handling the transfer of various data formats.

The solution to this convergence is optimizing the resource and allocating time and demand based bandwidth to data which is governed by the requirement of the end user. An effective integration can help in optimizing and eventually bringing down the operating costs.*

*(Here we need to avoid time lag between demand and allocation so the various modules should be brought on to a floating platform to talk to each other, using SOA)

Tescra, a pioneer in business consulting and breakthrough technologies successfully assisted telecom companies by understanding their business needs and creating solutions that blend enabling technologies which results in increase in revenue, decrease in costs and effective risk management.

Organizations such as, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and O2 have reaped the rewards of working with us.

What are the other players in the industry waiting for?

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Business Events: Highly complex set of technologies and applications at one of the world’s largest Telcos created inflexible enterprise architecture and increased the cost of ownership.

Approach: To understand from a business perspective where agility is needed, perform a cost/benefit analysis on changing parts of the enterprise architecture and recommend creation of an integration competence center.

Recommendations: Create an Integration Competence Center - an enterprise-wide shared service offering for performing systematic application integration to reduce costs and create an adaptive enterprise.

Results: The Integration Competence Center was established and common standards put in place. A global delivery model has been adopted to keep the cost of running the Integration Competence Center low and deliver quicker positive ROI.