TESCRA defines an overall vision for adopting Business Intelligence approaches and technologies to enhance an organization's business performance. Our Business Intelligence strategy is based upon determining the critical analytical uses of the Business Intelligence environment, as well as, creating a vision for integrating that environment into the larger business and technical environment.

Our proven track record in providing Business Intelligence and Data warehousing services is driven by the following attributes:

  • Enterprise Scale Data Integration
  • Disparate Source System Integration & Standardization
  • Real time Data Integration.
  • Central Data Storage Solution to support Single version of Truth
  • Enterprise Data warehousing (EDW)
  • Departmental Data Mart
  • Master Data Management (MDM) Implementation
  • Data Extraction and Reporting
  • BI Consulting & Engineering
  • BI Solution Implementation
  • Customization , Integration Services.
  • SQL Analysis Services
  • OLAP Cube Design, Tuning/Optimization
  • Data Mining and Algorithms
  • Advanced Analytics & Dashboards
  • Reporting Templates, KPIs, Scorecards