The Healthcare Industry is experiencing unprecedented global challenges. The Healthcare providers who adapt to these business events will maintain their market position and develop their market size. In order to maintain their competitive edge, it is important to understand the industry and keep abreast of the ever-changing needs of the market. Our business consulting model can assist your organization with customer needs and government regulations with integrated multilayered information in a simplified format.

The Health Care Industry is facing some of these business events:

Value Proposition: Regulatory Compliance & Customer Engagement Specialist

Healthcare Service Providers are facing several challenges regarding compliance requirements; specifically, patient information security, operational practices, electronic healthcare records management and service delivery procedures. There are industry standard requirements, as well as, regulatory compliance requirements, such as JCAHO, ARRA, HIPPA, HITECH and other state and federal regulations that providers must adhere to.

Tescra can assist you with these business events and craft an integrated solution specifically designed for your unique challenges which will meet the compliance and regulatory requirements, lower operational costs and minimize the time spent corrective actions.

MEDICAL TOURISMValue Proposition: Medical Tourism & Data Integration Management Specialist

The increasing cost of health care, the uninsured and the long wait time for certain procedures has led what is referred to as “Medical Tourism”. Developing economies such as India, Thailand, Mexico and Singapore are providing medical benefits at a fraction of the cost, attracting medical tourists to their respective countries, while increasing their revenue growth. The challenge is integrating the medical records of those patients choosing to avail themselves of medical care in these and other countries.

Our business consulting model provides the solution to this challenge by effectively crafting a solution specifically designed for your organization that will manage risk, lower operational costs and increase revenue.

Tescra’s experience in this industry

1. Tescra facilitated the development of proof-of-concept interfaces, release planning and developed best practices for improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of several health insurance clients
2. Tescra has assisted many health insurance service providers in building foundation architecture capabilities thatsubsequent customer experience initiatives will leverage to deliver business value more quickly and cost-effectively.

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Business Events: Increased complexity in wire payment mechanisms and increasing global trade made existing mechanisms and processes obsolete.

Approach: Leverage information technology to simplify and integrate various wire payment mechanisms. Use the latest business process management tools to automate business processes.

Recommendations: Implement single platform across all business channels and operational functions across all regions/locations providing wire/wholesale payment services.

Results: The single platform implementation has helped create a highly reliable, maintainable and extensible wire payment system. The unified system also allowed the creation of a single business activity monitoring dashboard that provides an enterprise wide view of wire payment operations.