Technology Upgrade

We helped upgrading and implementing TIBCO CEP solution for a global supply chain company which operates in 5 continents and 20 countries and provides services around 3PL and supply chain management.




Global Chain Supply Company


Tibco BusinessEvents


Architecture and Development

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The Challenge

Technology upgrade was difficult using BusinessEvents latest version.

Technical Solution

The client had three major TIBCO CEP based applications which needed to be upgraded to BusinessEvents 5.

  • CEP Batch
  • CEP Operational
  • CEP Admin

Tescra upgraded CEP Batch and CEP Admin to BusinessEvents 5 and provided visualization for the same. CEP operational has been rewritten in BusinessEvents 5 since existing BusinessEvents 3 application was not giving required results.

  • 01. CEP Batch
    Challenge: This application is intended for delivering the batches of messages in the required order. It is needed for keeping track and maintaining the batch orders for the warehouse.

    Solution: The CEP batch it gets the messages in parallel fashion from the source (customer systems). It accumulates and sorts them in a sequential fashion and create a batch file for the backend system. This application ensures all the messages required for a batch has been received. We used BusinessEvents and TIBCO ActiveSpaces to implement this solution.
  • 02. CEP Operational
    Challenge: This application is intended to keep track of the critical messages flowing through different systems like Warehouse Management System, WTX, TIBCO BusinessWorks and SIMS etc.

    Solution: Each of the critical systems will send a notification to BusinessEvents after successful processing the message. The same correlation id will be maintained by all the systems. BusinessEvents will use Decision Manager to find out the hops for a specific type of message (every message goes through a specific number of systems). Using this application we have generated matrices to check the performance of each application. We have generated dashboards using BusinessEvents views.
  • 03. CEP Admin
    Challenge: There was a difference between the customer nomenclatures to our client’s in-house nomenclature of message fields. Example: Country code for internal WMS system was ‘US’ and in client nomenclature the field was referred to be as ‘USA’. A generic solution was needed for converting different fields with respect to different clients and vice versa.

    Solution: We implemented this solution using BusinessEvents and TIBCO Smartmapper.