Application upgrades and enhancements


The client wanted to deliver time-critical projects and needed have development teams working 16 x 5 to ensure timely delivery. Projects were spread across multiple technologies and a multidisciplinary team was needed, working offshore in India to lower the cost.


Multiple Agile teams were created, with capabilities across different technologies.

  • A well-defined communication plan was important to ensuring iterative delivery.
  • Agile teams were ramped up and down based on the project needs.
  • With multiple teams being involved, delivery coordination was important between project teams.
  • Since the focus was to deliver within a deadline, the teams were organized to ensure on-time delivery.
  • Additional resources were on stand-by to meet spikes and mitigate attrition related risks.


  • Project delivered on schedule with minimal cost overrun.
  • Planned ramp-up and ramp-down of the teams ensured that no time was lost in team building.


Offshore Services Delivery
Application Development and Maintenance


Large Pharmaceutical Company


.net, SQL Server, Web Technologies


Architecture and Development