Robotic Process Automation

Tescra’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Practice delivers continuous process optimization, empowering organizations to create digital workforces that increase processing efficiency, reduce errors and cut operational costs.

Our technology combines RPA and AI to power self-learning, business context-aware robots that can deliver real value utilizing AI for:

Business Process Discovery:
By leveraging machine learning to collect data and identify patterns in how end-users perform processes within business applications, gathering and analyzing end-user behavior. Data is then used to  make recommendations for which processes can and should be automated for better ROI and time savings.
Cognitive Technology Integration:
Automation engine increases the usability of RPA, enabling the automated processing of unstructured documents such as invoices, purchase orders, PDFs, emails and more. With this integration, unstructured data is transformed into standardized formats which are readable.

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Robotic Process Automation

Value Proposition

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is dramatically transforming the core of every business impacting almost everything from productivity, business efficiency and operational costs. Tescra is helping organizations across industries with the most innovative RPA solutions. We help you reduce processing time from weeks to few minutes, save costs up to 80% and enhance customer satisfaction significantly. From customized offerings to process level solutions to cognitive enabled smart systems, Tescra can integrate RPA with transformational technologies to create automated intelligent enterprise systems.

Will automation

Just be about reducing cost?

Cost reduction will be an outcome of your automation strategy (most change programs look to reduce costs in some way), but it should not be the principal driver. The wider business goals of transforming to a digital enterprise, ensuring competitiveness and driving growth will be at the heart of your strategy, and the key outputs will be:

Increasing Agility

So you can respond to, or create, disruption in the market, and stay ahead of your competitors.

Improving Efficiency & Quality

So you can deliver better performance to internal and external clients, driving up your reputation.

Strengthening Resilience

so you can pursue growth with the assurance that your foundations are robust.

Tescra RPA

Services Offerings

Whether you’ve only automated one process or you’re looking to see what else you can do after automating hundreds of tasks, we’re at your service. At Tescra, we have an unwavering commitment to make sure you get the job at hand done no matter what. Our team has worked with companies of multiple sizes and people with varying levels of automation experience to automate their business processes, help discover new automation ideas, and maximize ROI.

What do you get when you use our Consulting Services?

  • A team that’s in the picture as much or as little as you want us to be. We’re ready and able to automate a part of your project, several parts, or the whole thing.
  • Best practices stemming from lots of experience helping companies implement automation ideas of all complexity.
  • Onsite or off-site training and assistance, depending on your preference.
  • Our guarantee that we only charge you when everything works perfectly, according to your specifications.
First 3 Steps

Taking RPA further with Tescra


Alignment Workshop


  • Executive level workshop.
  • Covering definitions, demos, cost, benefits, applicability, risk, applicability.


  • To align your senior team on RPA and what RPA could mean for your organization.


  • Participation in workshop, typically C-level and Directors.


  • Clarity on whether to pursue RPA as an opportunity.


Opportunity Identification


  • Review of high potential process for RPA automation.
  • Indicative cost benefit analysis.


  • To rapidly identify the best initial activities to be automated in a RPA Proof of Concept.


  • Discussions to step through the potential process areas.


  • Specifications of an activity to be automated plus.


Proof of Concept


  • Drafting of design document.
  • Development of Robot: Build, Test and Demo.


  • To demonstrate RPA working in your environment.


  • Sign-off of Design Document, access to systems and test data; participation in demo process.


  • Working RPA robot
  • Demo video for understanding.

Why choose

Tescra RPA Services?


Better Decisions

Tescra knows the key emerging strategies and approaches to achieve the benefits in the context of both retained and outsourced deliveries.


Risk Reduction

Tescra knows the pitfalls to avoid, plus the operational and strategic risks and mitigations that need to be addressed through the lifecycle.



Tescra experience and contact means there is less of a learning curve and saves valuable time for projects.


Commercial Insights

Tescra benchmarks means that better deals are reached, faster and that you start the journey with realistic expectations.


Different Insights

No one else has access to our project experience.


Cultural Fit

We know how difficult it is to get what you want from very large generalist service providers. Tescra is lean focused and responsive.

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