The upstream oil and gas industry faces new and continuing challenges as conventional reserves decline and environments become more environmentally hostile and complex. These challenges are the hindrances in the operations of oil and gas exploration and drilling. In addition to oil spills, damaged land, accidents and fires, and incidents of air and water pollution, the social impact of operations in remote communities has attracted attention.

The Oil & Energy Industry is facing some of these business events:
Value Proposition: Asset Assessment Specialist

Our Asset Assessment Specialist would create a solution so that accurate and timely monitoring of operational equipment is maintained leading to maximizing production and minimizing energy waste. Our solution would encompass strategies for well mapping, production planning and execution, volume and capacity management, and quality assurance, which will ensure 24/7 production cycles and maximize quantities produced. You will also be in compliance with corporate, industry, and governmental standards for safety and environmental protection while maintaining all facilities in good working order.

EXPLORATION & APPRAISAL INTEGRATIONValue Proposition: Data Integration & Portfolio Management

Our Data Integration & Portfolio Management Specialist would assist in the maintenance of your portfolio of assets while in the process of discovering and developing new petroleum reserves. These integrated solutions support the full exploration cycle, enabling current asset assessment and production portfolio, identify exploration targets, and manage surveys and appraisals and model reservoirs.

Value Proposition: Data Acquisition & Integration Specialist

Tescra solutions facilitate the acquisition of petroleum reserves through mergers, acquisitions, or joint ventures. Our solutions enable opportunity analysis, strategic planning, venture equity trading, as well as the development and management of joint operating agreements and production sharing contracts.

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Business Events: Increased competition and costs forced a US-based Fortune 500 energy producer to relook at service delivery and customer care models.

Approach: Become a customer centric company, and create all processes and services around the customer. Pleasing the customers will have cascading success on shareholders, employees and the community.

Recommendations: Implement multiple initiatives thatrealign all the company's processes for the customer and customer’s needs. The first of these programs was a SmartGrid Initiative, implemented over a period of 4 years.

Results: Creation of new service options, expanded service delivery networks and more flexible pricing models, which have improved customer retention and satisfaction.